Command and Control - Customized Touchscreen Software

Troll’s software simplifies the set-up and operation of complex RF transmission systems 
with common controls and intuitive interfaces.

Troll has created software drivers for over a hundred different digital devices including:
radios, transmitters, encoders, decoders, stabilized cameras and many other payloads.



Powerful and easy to use, software that makes possible:

  • Monitoring over the network
  • Reduced training and operational costs
  • Graphic views of microwave signal characteristics
  • See live HD video and monitor multiple remote sites

Troll’s software diagnostics monitor devices on the communications path for:

  • Temperature
  • Data miscounts
  • Current and voltage utilization
  • Error messaging
  • Relevant or customer specialized data sets

Ability to scan component level data is designed to:

  • Isolate failures
  • Minimize downtime
  • Eliminate the need to return entire systems to the factory for service.