Tactical Data Links - UHF band to Ka (300 MHz to 38 GHz) up to a Range of 170nmi

Permanent and mobile bidirectional air-to-ground wireless IP networks

Troll Systems designs secure, bidirectional transmit and receive RF links featuring air-to-ground tracking and control systems used to gather, disseminate and process voice, video and data.

Our highly accurate systems provide long-range communications for military ISR, and law enforcement, in manned and unmanned air, land or sea vehicles.

These reliable diversity antennas feature robust reception and automated asset tracking utilizing ultra-low latency encoding, decoding and encryption to ensure secure transmissions in real-time.

These systems feature unique, steerable antennas that are not only resistant to jamming and interference, but also broaden your ability to provide actionable intelligence to all tactical levels.

  • SkyLink Auto-Tracking Airborne Antennas
  • MIMO Bidirectional IP Radios
  • Multi-Channel - Multi-Band and Diversity Ground Receive Systems
  • Mobile Tracking Antennas
  • Bidirectional TX/RX Systems 
  • Remote Controllers for Digital Microwave Systems

Global Reach

To date, our systems are part of the growing DoD infrastructure and have been successfully integrated worldwide. Currently deployed in a variety of domestic, international and warfighting operational environments, Troll provides:

  • Permanent or Mobile Command Centers and Control Sites
  • Worldwide Integration and System Design Capabilities